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The Interstate Mining Compact Commission is a multi-state governmental agency / organization that represents the natural resource and related environmental protection interests of its member states. First envisioned in 1964, the Commission came into existence in 1970 with the entry of its first four states. Since that time, 24 additional states have enacted legislation bringing them into the Compact, and 2 additional states have become an associate members as they pursue enactment of legislation which will make them a full member. The Commission established its headquarters in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. in 1988. The states are officially represented by their Governors who serve as Commissioners. The Commission operates through several committees composed of duly appointed representatives of the Governors from their respective Departments of Natural Resources or Environmental Protection.

IMCC Staff

Gregory E. Conrad - Executive Director

Beth A. Botsis - Deputy Executive Director

Ryan W. Ellis - Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Phyllis Plummer - Bookkeeper

On January 10, 2014, Gregory E. Conrad, IMCC's Executive Director, presented the following paper titled "The Interstate Mining Compact Commission: Seeking to Secure State Sovereignty in the Minerals Arena" at the Alaska Support Industry Alliance "Meet Alaska" conference in Anchorage. The paper and accompanying power point (in .pdf format) are linked here and contain helpful information on the structure and operations of IMCC for anyone seeking to learn more about the organization.

"The Interstate Mining Compact Commission: Seeking to Secure State Sovereignty in the Minerals Arena

Accompanying Power Point (in .pdf)

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