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Interstate Mining Compact Commission

2010 Annual Report


Click the following link to view the cover of the 2010 Annual Report:
2010 Annual Report Cover

About The Cover Photos:

On the cover are photos of the Interstate Mining Compact Commission’s 2010 Kenes C. Bowling National Reclamation Award winning sites. The photo on the top left is: Thelen Sand and Gravel, Inc. – Fox Lake Pit (Illinois), winner in the Noncoal Category. On the top right is: Enterprise Mining Company, LLC – Big Branch South Mine, KYDMRE Permit #860-0453 (Kentucky), winner in the Coal Category. Pictured on the bottom center is: Warren C. Hartman, Contractor – Mine #28, Permit #14980101 (Pennsylvania), winner in the Small Operator Category.

Click the following link to view the body of the 2010 Annual Report (269 KB File Size):
2010 Annual Report Inside Text (No Photos)

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